Yin & Yang

Every day I wake up I experience a different version of myself. The mirror tells me I have gained weight but tomorrow it will tell me I lost it, yet all my clothes fit the same. I wake up and I feel an overwhelming sense of optimism, as if I could conquer anything in my…Read more Yin & Yang

Some Not So Good Vibes: Reality

  Perception controls the narrative of my story. I have spent years being on my own when I could have been in community. I desire my readers who are struggling with mental illness to reach out. The barriers that divide is not stronger than what connects. (Read Part I  - Read Part II - Read Part III) I…Read more Some Not So Good Vibes: Reality

Some Not So Good Vibes: Part III

It is easy to look at my surroundings and see everything in two dimensions. People are not flat characters, but are dynamic. I think many know how it feels to imagine life a certain way and suddenly it is disrupted. There is a mourning that takes place during a character change. I desire to capture the…Read more Some Not So Good Vibes: Part III