Writing Workshop

Recently I was approached by an English teacher in the community, Dakota Foster, to lead a writer's workshop for her high school class discussing my Some Not So Good Vibes series. It was such an honor that she had been moved by my series and felt it would be beneficial to her students. The series was a…Read more Writing Workshop

Some Not So Good Vibes: Reality

  Perception controls the narrative of my story. I have spent years being on my own when I could have been in community. I desire my readers who are struggling with mental illness to reach out. The barriers that divide is not stronger than what connects. (Read Part I  - Read Part II - Read Part III) I…Read more Some Not So Good Vibes: Reality

Some Not So Good Vibes: Part III

It is easy to look at my surroundings and see everything in two dimensions. People are not flat characters, but are dynamic. I think many know how it feels to imagine life a certain way and suddenly it is disrupted. There is a mourning that takes place during a character change. I desire to capture the…Read more Some Not So Good Vibes: Part III