If I am being forth coming about my past week I left it feeling discouraged and worn down. In the past when I felt my agenda was too full, there was always an insensible amount of hope inside of me to get me through. However, I am not sure how to carry it the way…Read more Motivation

The Windy City

Lately I have found myself bored of my everyday routine. At ten I look to find clothes to wear into the office. I struggle to find outfits that look fresh. At eleven I am in the office talking with my co-workers about the same projects from yesterday. Then the office transitions into talking about current…Read more The Windy City

Letter From Him

Pride conserves confidence, boosts the ego, and is where strength is found. Pride hides shame, represses emotion, and has a lack of empathy.  Pride without humility is toxic, it damages the host and their surroundings. As damaging as pride can be, a lack of pride develops into insecurities and self-hate. Balance is the pairing of…Read more Letter From Him

Letters From Her: Grace Bryant

I am pleased to welcome back Grace Bryant to share her perspective on womanhood. Last month she shared her perspective of her African American experience (The Black Experience - As Told By: Grace Bryant). This month she dives into the intersection of race and gender and shares her perspective of what it means to be…Read more Letters From Her: Grace Bryant

Letters From Her: Shelby Aemmer

Shelby Aemmer was born and raised in the Midwest. There she met her husband Chris and obtained her undergrad in Social Work. She and her husband have traveled throughout Europe while residing in Prague but currently reside in Indiana. She has shared some of her travels through her video blog to give her audience a…Read more Letters From Her: Shelby Aemmer

Letters From Her: Taylor Gilliam

Taylor Gilliam is currently a resident in Indiana where she works as a high school English teacher. Gilliam was born in Michigan but obtained her Bachelor's in Indiana. She studied, English and philosophy during her undergrad. Taylor has studied abroad in Spain and has taken courses at Oxford. She is a long time advocate for…Read more Letters From Her: Taylor Gilliam

Some Not So Good Vibes: Reality

  Perception controls the narrative of my story. I have spent years being on my own when I could have been in community. I desire my readers who are struggling with mental illness to reach out. The barriers that divide is not stronger than what connects. (Read Part I  - Read Part II - Read Part III) I…Read more Some Not So Good Vibes: Reality